Marzo 2017

March 2017

CCS 779 Radish

Smith Seed Services is pleased to announce that we have acquired the exclusive worldwide production and marketing rights to CCS 779 cover crop radish. This variety has formerly been marketed under a well-known branded name and has been the check variety for many other branded products. Its performance is well documented. CCS 779 will only be sold as a certified variety. Limited quantities are available for the 2017 cover crop season, with more available for following years. We anticipate high demand for this variety. If you have an interest in distributing CCS 779, contact your Smith Seed Services representative.

Get That Meroa In!

For all of you who are selling Italian ryegrass, this is probably the last call for spring Meroa sales and planting. It’s time to bring in your needs and get them in the ground! This variety needs to be put up against anything else you sell as an Italian ryegrass. We think you and your customers will be quite impressed. Meroa is a true Italian that won’t produce seedheads when planted in the spring. It is also high yielding, has excellent forage quality and is late maturing. There is an abundance of data on our Meroa webpage. Visit it and contact your Smith Seed Services representative to get Meroa rolling your way

Help Your Dealers Succeed

At the recent Ace Hardware Spring Convention in Atlanta, Ace Hardware’s CEO John Venhuizen said, ““If you think you’re going to increase sales by selling the exact same stuff you sold last year, you’re probably going to fail.” Mr. Venhuizen went on to charge his stores to increase their sales per square foot by 3% over this next year. What might we take away from this? First of all, if you sell to Ace stores, you should know that in order to meet this charge Ace stores will be doing “some merchandise experimentation.” Maybe you can be part of that.

Maybe it is time to take a fresh look at what you and your staff can do to help your dealers expand their sales. Have you written off some dealers who you think will never change? Maybe some won’t, but others are now aware that they are in a major battle with online purchases. Maybe now they are willing to talk about previously dismissed ideas and products. The success of your dealers may not be your direct responsibility, but it does directly affect the success of your company.

We can help too. On the turf side we have our custom Diamond Turfgrass line that offers both turnkey and do-it yourself options. Learn more at DiamondTurfgrass.com. We also offer a custom forage packaging program through our Stockman’s Choice™ brand. We will also continue to offer new and improved proprietary genetics in turf, forage and cover crop seeds. Let us know how we can help you help your dealers succeed!

Ace information from April ‘17 HBS Dealer magazine.

Diamond bags showing multiple sizes and colors.