Vicia villosa

A fantastic multi-purpose species, hairy vetch can be used as a winter annual forage, cover crop, wildlife and pollinator habitat. We have some fantastic proprietary varieties that will enhance your seed line-up. These are available either raw, or enhanced with our Nitro-Coat® seed inoculant and coating. Seed is available in bulk totes as well as numerous smaller bag size to match the needs of your customers. Be sure to check out these videos showing how Nitro-Coat® really boosts yield and root growth.

  • AU Merit

    Hairy Vetch

    Choose AU Merit for highest yields, most biomass, and earliest growth.

  • WinterKing

    Hairy Vetch

    Choose WinterKing for late grazing, best forage quality, and later flowering.

  • Patagonia Inta

    Arveja Peluda

    Very similar to AU Merit. Bred in South Argentina for early growth.