Rapeseed Brassica napus

This fast-growing fall brassica has a deep taproot and produces an abundance of leafy forage in a short time. We typically offer the varieties Dwarf Essex and Trophy.

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Species Summary

Rapeseed, brassica napus, is a short-term brassica used for forage, wildlife, and cover crops. Rapeseed produce large leafy plants up to 20” long by 15” wide. These leaves are full of protein – up to 20% and very attractive to grazing and browsing animals. It’s regrowth and high digestibility make it ideal for pastures as well as food plots. Besides providing a dense canopy, rapeseed has demonstrated natural resistance to weeds and certain pests. It is a good choice for fall and winter production.

Rapeseed is known to have good cold tolerance, but should be planted 8 weeks prior the last frost for optimal survivability. It can also be planted in the spring to give approximately 4 months of growth before flowering.

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Recomendaciones de siembra

Densidad de Siembra

Pure Stand
6-10 lbs/ac
In a Mix
4-6 lbs/ac

Fechas de Siembra

Early summer and early fall.

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