WyoWinter Winter Pea

A selection out of Austrian Winter pea for improved winter hardiness.

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Variety Summary

WyoWinter Pea was developed by the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station as an improvement on Austrian Winter pea.

WyoWinter has a yellow cotyledon and produces purple flowers. It is ideal for forage production, wildlife, feed grain, and for cover cropping. It has shown excellent winter hardiness in SE Wyoming and NW Nebraska and seems to be well adapted to the midstates.

Cover Crop Performance

In the October of 2019, researchers with the University of Tennessee planted extensive cover crop trials in three Tennessee locations – Knoxville, Spring Hill, and Milan. In addition to assessments of nitrogen content and release, assessment were conducted for ground cover, biomass and height. The data below reflects averages of all three sites. Site-specific data and complete results available upon request.

University of Tennessee

Biomass, Canopy Cover, and Height

Three Location Average



VarietyBiomass (Tons DM/A)Canopy Cover (%)Height (in)

See complete trial here.

University of Tennessee

Nitrogen Content/Estimated Nitrogen Release

Three Location Average



VarietyBiomass (Tons DM/A)Total Nitrogen (%)Est. N Released: April Termination (lbs/ac)Est. N Released: May Termination (lbs/ac)
 AprilMayAprilMay2 wks.4 wks.12 wks2 wks.4 wks.12 wks

See complete trial here.

Coat for Optimal Performance

For optimal performance, WyoWinter should be inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae. This is best achieved with Nitro-Coat®.

Coated winter pea seeds

Recomendaciones de siembra

Densidad de Siembra

35-50 lbs/ac

Fechas de Siembra

Early fall

Mapa de siembra

Profundidad de Siembra


pH Óptimo

6.0 - 7.5