Chicory Cichorium intybus

This leafy perennial is packed with protein.

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Species Summary

Forage chicory is a high-protein leafy perennial herb ideal for attracting wildlife and feeding grazing livestock, capable of producing over 3 tons of dry matter per acre. Its deep taproot helps it survive droughty conditions, while its leafy top growth packs protein levels up to 30 percent. With good winter hardiness, and drought tolerance, chicory can be grown throughout the country.


Chicory can be grazed after about 90 days. For pasture use, plant either as strips or in mixtures with grasses and legumes. For wildlife, it is very adapted to planting with small grains and legumes. Be aware that chicory will get very high, over 6’ tall, when bolting if not mowed or grazed down.

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Coated chicory seed

Recomendaciones de siembra

Chicory prefers loamy, well-drained soils and is tolerant of acidic soils in sunny areas and will grow rapidly during mid-summer. Planting in compacted and shady areas should be avoided.

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4-5 lbs/ac
2-3 lbs/ac

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Northern Locations
Plant in spring
Southern Locations
Plant in fall

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