Trébol de Alejandría

Berseem's value as an annual legume crop has been known for centuries. It grows fast and produces large amounts of forage and nitrogen. While most berseem sold is of public varieties or variety not stated, new varieties offer multiple harvests and better winter hardiness. Seed is available in bulk totes or smaller bag to match your needs. While we sell raw, we strongly recommend purchasing with our Nitro-Coat® pre-inoculant and coating for optimal biomass and root production. Check with us for current availability of specific varieties.

  • Lightning Berseem clover up close


    Trifolium Alexandrinum

    El valor de trébol Berseem como un cultivo de leguminosa se conoce desde hace siglos. Crece rápido y produce grandes cantidades de forraje y de nitrógeno.

  • Lightning

    Berseem Clover

    Lightning berseem provides explosively fast growth in early spring, offering abundant early forage, multiple harvests and nitrogen-rich biomass.