Sunn Hemp Crotalaria juncea

This multipurpose warm-season legume is a real producer.

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Species Summary

Sunn hemp is a fast-growing tropical legume that can produce over 2.5 tons of dry matter per acre in within 90-120 days. A multipurpose crop, sunn hemp can be used for forage, cover crop, and wildlife. It is best planted on well-drained soils.  


Cover Crop

When used as a summer cover crop, sunn hemp may contribute 100-120 lbs/acre of nitrogen in the summer and fall. Easily killed by a hard winter freeze, it is ideal for use where natural winter kill is desired.


For use in a wildlife plot, sunn hemp provides all the soil benefits of cover crops as well as a source for summer and fall feed.


For optimal performance, Sunn hemp should be inoculated with Rhizobium Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna). This is best achieved with Nitro-Coat®.

Raw vs. Coated Sun Hemp Seeds

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25-35 lbs/ac
18-20 lbs/ac

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