Septiembre 2019

September 2019


While we are very happy for him, it is not without personal pain that we inform you Galen Troyer is retiring the end of this month. It’s quite an achievement, you know. He’s been in this industry since he left Nebraska 50 years ago.

Some of us have known him for nearly all those years, and have greatly appreciated working alongside him. David Keister remembers meeting him in ‘76, and after 43 years of friendship, plus decades of a working relationship at Smith Seed, he is “forced to admit” that he “can find nothing negative to disclose about Galen Troyer. Oh sure, it irritates me,” says Keister, “when he stays level-headed at events that agitate me. Or say we both walk into a barn full of manure and I say, ‘What a load of hooey’ and Trapdoor Troyer says, ‘I can’t wait to see the ponies!’

The success of Smith Seed has Galen’s handwriting all over it. He first started working here in 1983 as a seed trader. After about six years, the grass looked greener in another pasture. According to Daniel Schrock, “he informed the owners of his decision to leave in September; at that time probably our busiest month of the year. Often, a two week notice turns into a ‘clean out your desk and give me your office keys, please.’ I think one of the best tributes to Galen’s integrity shows up in Paul Zehr’s response- ‘Would you stay on through the busy time, please?’ He did, and did not have short timers.“

During his ten year time in “the other pasture”, Jonathan Rupert had his first privilege of working with him, coming to appreciate his “gift of criticism” and ability to catch many mistakes and ask valuable questions. It was during this time that Galen first coined the now infamous most simplistic variety description. One day, when describing a new variety to a customer, he simply said, “It’s a NICE variety!”

Returning to Smith Seed in 2000, Galen got back just in time to help Jason and Paul begin their transitions. Galen became General Manager in 2005 and has been our “Team Leader” until this past summer when Joel Schrock took over that position.

With a daily calm, cool and optimistic outlook, he “greatly decreased the stress load of daily operations from the owners”. Galen’s personal contributions can’t be replaced and will be missed.

Galen, we have very much enjoyed your humor, candidness, honesty, optimism, team building efforts, and common sense approach. We have been through a lot together and you will certainly be missed.

Happy Retirement, dear friend!

A Note From Galen

Many of you already know that I am retiring Sept. 30, 2019. I’ve truly enjoyed being a part of this great industry for the past 50 years and will cherish the friendships and memories that have made the years so enjoyable.

The transition here has gone well and I’m confident that you will continue to be well taken care of. In addition to the “old timers” who remain, there are a couple of “younger ones” who are ready to assist you.

Cervando Medina has been on board for more than a year and is ready and capable to give you quotes and put loads together. Noah Daugherty has replaced Dale Gray (who retired in June) in logistics. Noah has prior experience in arranging transportation and is ready to assist you. You will find both of these gentleman a pleasure to work with!

Thank you for continuing to give Smith Seed Services the opportunity to serve you. I am truly blessed to have been a part of the team for more than 26 years.

(You still have a few days to buy something from me!)

Wishing you success, Galen Troyer

Galen Troyer at retirement from Smith Seed Services