Marzo 2016

March 2016

Only Two Survived

In Arlington, Wisconsin, it is very normal for perennial ryegrasses to experience winter kill. This doesn’t happen every year, but often enough that it is no surprise when entries at the University of Wisconsin don’t survive the full 3-year trial duration. In fact, during the prior trial, planted in 2011, all the entries were killed during the second winter.

So when just a couple varieties survive a winter where most entries do not, it is clearly worth noting. This is precisely what occurred last year when only Payday and another variety were the sole survivors in their respective classes.

Tie this in with survivability and yield data from MI and KY, and you have some very good reasons to include this top-performing tetraploid ryegrass in your forage line-up, don’t you agree?

University of Wisconsin

Forage Trial

Arlington, WI



VarietySpecies2015 DM/A2-Year Total
PayDayPerennial ryegrass4.468.86
IntradaItalian ryegrass4.658.33
Spring GreenFestulolium2.935.77
FedoroFestuloliumWinter killed3.95
PomposoPerennial ryegrassWinter killed5.13
HunterPerennial ryegrassWinter killed4.76
PST-2CowPerennial ryegrassWinter killed4.41
Ashton ChieftainPerennial ryegrassWinter killed4.02
JavorioItalian ryegrassWinter killed4.01
TorontoPerennial ryegrassWinter killed3.99
Tetra PrimeItalian ryegrassWinter killed3
Tetra MagIntermediate ryegrassWinter killed2.67

The Jones Will Have a Hard Time Keeping Up With This One!

We regularly have folks tell us how much they like our Titan and TLC tall fescue products. Many are so tickled with how nice their new lawns look that they even send us photos! These photos and testimonials have much in common. Yet the one that came to us this last month took it to such a new level that we had to share it with you:

“Used Titan Rx to replace my bermudagrass lawn. Fast growth, excellent dark green color and nice leaf texture. Wanted a grass that would have the same qualities as perennial rye and Titan RX has exceeded my expectations so far! The picture says it all. The pictures were taken in early January 2016 after planting in mid-October 2015.”

When asked how he achieved the amazing striping quality, C.A., responded,

“Right now I’m cutting at 4 inches. I use a standard Craftsman push mower with the Toro lawn striping kit for push mowers. Stripe quality is mainly due to grass quality, so thanks for making a great product!” [March 2016] - CA, Rock Hill, SC

Now I can’t speak for what sort of enthusiasm other tall fescues generate, but if your tall fescues aren’t generating this sort of passion, maybe it is time to switch varieties! For more testimonials and information on the Titan Tall Fescues, visit www.TitanFescue.com.

Titan Rx tall fescue lawn