Febrero 2016

February 2016

PayDay Returns Higher Dividends

Recent forage data from Michigan and Kentucky confirm PayDay as a profitable investment. As shown in this Kentucky data, PayDay has both impressive stand and yield performance. PayDay is ideal for dairy, beef, and other high demand forage needs. See and learn more at SmithSeed.com under our Forage Seed section, or by clicking the logo.

University of Kentucky

Kentucky Trial Results

Lexington, KY



VarietyPercent StandYield
 10/29/153-Year Total
Elena DS45*8.83*
Grand Daddy346.89
lsd, 0.05381.81

*Not significantly different from the highest numerical value in the column, based on the 0.05 LSD.

Seeded Sept 7, 2012

Titan Ultra’s Cool Performance

While most are very familiar with our Titan Rx tall fescue and its popularity amongst homeowners and professionals, we may have neglected to give sufficient attention to another terrific variety - Titan Ultra.

This variety should not be overlooked, especially for those needing a variety that performs well in climates which experience colder winters. Trial data shows that with Titan Ultra, cold climate lawns are significantly less susceptible to both winter kill and pink snow mold damage. Learn more at TitanFescue.com or by requesting a tech sheet.


Winter Performance

Multiple Locations



VarietyPink Snow Mold% Winter KillPink Snow Mold
 WI, 2008WI, 2009MI, 2010
Highest score8.08.35.7
Titan Ultra8.015.03.7
Shenandoah III6.750.03.0
Rhambler SRP5.038.32.7
Falcon V5.025.03.3
Firecracker LS4.336.72.3
Lowest score3.070.01.3
Lsd value2.129.42.3
Titan Ultra tall fescue grass

Are You Ready to Renovate?

Last month we introduced you to Renovation white clover, our newest forage solution. As mentioned, we have limited quantities of available until next winter and are currently taking bookings for the remainder of this spring, as well as for fall. If you have an interest in Renovation, we encourage you to book your order now. Renovation is ideal for livestock and wildlife. Use it straight as well as in mixtures.

Learn more about Renovation by visiting RenovationClover.com or by requesting a tech sheet.

$1 Billion+ Losses

That’s the number forage experts including Don Ball, Gary Lacefield, and many others, are sharing at forage and seed conferences this year. Its the economic cost to the cattle industry from toxic endophyte fescue. The good news is that our industry can help recapture these losses.

Products like our endophyte-free Cajun II tall fescue, Persist Orchardgrass, and Renovation clover are very tangible solutions that will put more money in producer’s pockets. Learn more about these products at www.SmithSeed.com or by contacting us directly.