Diciembre 2006

December 2006

Crop Watch

It’s always difficult to figure out changes in acreage from one year to the next. Our best estimates, including information from other reliable sources, indicate annual ryegrass and orchardgrass acres about the same as last year, while perennial ryegrass acres (in the Valley) are down 5-10% and tall fescue acres are up 5% or more. It’s too early to tell what yields will be, but at this time there aren’t any major concerns as long as the water recedes soon. Because of excellent fall movement, and with spring still ahead, there most likely will be little if any carryover of annual ryegrass, tall fescue or orchardgrass.

Weather note: The past few weeks have brought rain, rain and more rain to the Willamette Valley, causing some flooding and large areas of water standing in fields.

Another Endo-Fact

Did you know that overseeding high endophytic perennial ryegrass into existing stands of Kentucky Bluegrass can reduce the actual billbug population levels, not just damage from billbugs, but actual population levels. Furthermore, even endophyte level differences of 17% can have significantly different effects on population levels and damage. Just another reason to consider promoting high endophyte perennial ryegrass like Renaissance, Nexus and Protocol 3. Source: Journal of Economic Entomology, Volume 93, Number 6, December 2000, pp. 1662-1668(7)

Five Reasons to Use Renaissance Perennial Ryegrass

  1. High Level of Natural Endophyte (at least 90%) - High Endophyte has been proven to aid insect resistance, as well as contribute to the overall health of plants, resistance to weeds and response to disease.
  2. Quick Establishment - Fast establishment means less weeds, less erosion, better “first impression”, and happier customers. According to NTEP test data gathered from numerous sites around the country, Renaissance is one of the quickest establishing perennial ryegrasses. Vol 06.01
  3. Disease Resistance - Renaissance has better-than-average disease resistance against eye-sore diseases like dollar spot, red-thread and snow mold.
  4. Strong summer performance and fall recuperation - Renaissance has consistently had strong fall ground coverage ratings in the NTEP. According to NTEP’s website, living ground cover ratings are ”used to express damage caused by disease, insects, weed encroachment, or environmental stress. Percent living ground cover is often measured in the spring, summer, and fall rated using percentage. This timing allows one to track the turfgrass response to various stresses during the growing season.”
  5. SPECIAL TERMS FOR SPRING BOOKING!!! - In addition to all the above reasons to buy Renaissance, Smith Seed Services is offering on a limited availability special terms on Renaissance booked between now and January 20th. For more details contact your Smith Seed Representative.

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