Noviembre 2005

November 2005

Special Edition - 1st Quarter Assessment Reports

The state of Oregon has commissions for a number of agricultural crops, including grasses. The following are highlights from selected commission reports and a few observations. We hope it is helpful for your future planning. (K= thousands of lbs.; M=millions of lbs.)


The ‘05 July-Sept. quarter showed assessments over 4.9 million lbs. This is considerably higher than last year’s same quarter figures of ~4 million and strongest in at least 6 years. Average numbers for the remaining three quarters of the crop year are ~11 million lbs. This year’s yields were generally poor; bad enough to cause some to plow out their fields.

Orchardgrass Assessments

July-Sept. (1st Quarter)

4.6M lbs.4.8M lbs4.5M lbs3.7M lbs4.0M lbs4.9M lbs

Tall Fescue

Rising prices did not slow the turf-type tall fescue train down at all. Following a record-breaking 181 million lbs assessed from July ‘04-June ‘05, this first crop quarter (Jul-Sept. ‘05) sets a new record for the past 7 years. Low distributor-level inventories and a short KY31 crop helped spur movement.

Turf-type Tall Fescue Assessments

July-Sept. (1st Quarter)

47.8M lbs.39.3M lbs.39.5M lbs45.5M lbs32.67M lbs42.5M lbs52.5M lbs


The ‘05 July-Sept. quarter for Oregon perennial ryegrass assessments was the highest in at least 7 years. Gulf and annual assessments were down 13% from the last 7-year average, due to inclement weather in the Southeast. We may expect to see next quarter up, as many report an excellent October. Forage perennial ryegrass numbers were down from 3-4 million in previous years’ 1st quarters to only 1.2 million pounds.

Ryegrass Assessments

July-Sept. (1st Quarter)

Fine Fescue Type1999200020012002200320042005
Turf Perennial69.5M lbs.52.1M lbs.61.9M lbs.72.4M lbs.66.9M lbs.76.5M lbs.79.0M lbs.
Forage Perennial3.3M lbs.4.5M lbs.4.1M lbs.3.8M lbs.3.5M lbs.3.1M lbs.1.2M lbs.
Gulf & Annual142M lbs.124M lbs.131M lbs.123M lbs.135M lbs.135M lbs.113M lbs.

Fine Fescue

Numbers for the ‘05 July-Sept. quarter for Oregon Chewings and creeping red fescues are up significantly from last year’s same quarter and above average for the past six years. In spite of very low priced Canadian creeper, Oregon produced creepers, which are mostly sold as proprietaries are up the highest they have been in at least six years.

Fine Fescue Assessments

July-Sept. (1st Quarter)

Fine Fescue Type200020012002200320042005
Chewings2.1M lbs.1.5M lbs.2.0M lbs.3.0M lbs.2.2M lbs.2.0M lbs.
Creeping Red1.9M lbs.2.1M lbs.1.7M lbs.2.2M lbs.1.5M lbs.2.3M lbs.


Quite opposite of orchardgrass, the ‘05 July-Sept. assessments were the lowest in at least 5 years, especially for arrowleaf and crimson. Red and white clovers numbers did not significantly deviate from “average” numbers.

Clover Assessments

July-Sept. (1st Quarter)

Clover Type20012002200320042005
Arrowleaf339K lbs.478K lbs.339K lbs.123K lbs.57K lbs.
Crimson1.72M lbs.1.28M lbs.3.45M lbs.2.69M lbs.0.90M lbs.