T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend is our newest blend formulation designed to combine our best tall fescues to create a beautiful, yet durable and hardy lawn. With its natural dark-green color and fine-leaved texture, deep roots, natural pest and disease resistance, and self-repairing rhizomes, T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend should provide many years of beauty and durability.

This blend is specially formulated with at least 25% Titan Ltd., and combined with only approved varieties, specifically selected to enhance and compliment the performance of Titan Ltd. These varieties include our popular Hudson, Rendition, Covenant, and Kittyhawk 2000. To learn more about T.L.C Tall Fescue Blend visit www.TLCFescue.com

Key Features:

  • Traffic Tolerant
  • Fast Establishing
  • Ideal For Sun & Shade
  • Excellent Pest Resistance
  • Attractive, Deep Green Color
  • Very Drought and Heat Tolerant

TLC deep roots The future of your lawn
Depends on its ROOTS!